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This is the place to start for anyone looking to understand the practical aspects of DevOps and get a solid foundation in the subject. It will help you determine how best to apply DevOps practices within your organization.

We'll start off with an introduction to DevOps, its characteristics, and its benefits, and then we'll move on to the topics of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

After that we will discuss about Orchestration and Automation and  you'll learn what automation is and how to manage automation with orchestration. You'll also learn the benefits of investing in these two technologies and how they can make your daily work easier and more enjoyable.

Moving forward to Infrastructure from Code where you'll learn about the concepts of DevOps, and the process and tools of Infrastructure from Code.

The next chapter is Testing Automation where you'll learn the different types of automated tests that can be created, the various trade-offs involved, and how it can benefit you.

Finally, by applying Continuous Monitoring you'll learn how continuous monitoring fits into DevOps development cycles. We will discuss the principles and benefits of continuous monitoring and how it can be used as part of an Application Performance Management system. We will also present some of the tools available out there.

At the end of the course, students will have a fundamental knowledge of the following concepts:

  • The philosophy behind DevOps
  • How to implement DevOps
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Infrastructure from Code
  • Testing Automation


  • There is no prerequisites for this course


Module 1: Introduction to DevOps

  • What is DevOps?
  • The Business value of DevOps
  • Who is using DevOps?

Module 2: Introduction to Continuous Integration

  • What is CI?
  • Version Control
  • Testing
  • CI with Jenkins

Module 3: Introduction to Continuous Delivery

  • What is CD?
  • What’s involved in CD
  • Getting software to production
  • CD Tools
  • The Complete picture

Module 4: Orchestration and Automation

  • What si Automation?
  • Benefits of Automation
  • Managing Automation with Orchestration
  • Types of Orchestration

Module 5: Infrastructure from Code

  • The Build Pipeline
  • Source, Build, Test and Release

Module 6: Testing Automation

  • What are Automated Tests
  • Different types of automated tests
  • Automated tests within the software development

Module 7: Continuous Monitoring

  • What is continuous monitoring in DevOps
  • Understand Continuous monitoring categories
  • Continuous Monitoring Tools


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