Docker Advanced – 2 Days

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Course Description:

This course covers advanced topics related to working with Docker Swarm clusters and Docker images.

Note: Every student has assigned to him his own virtual lab environment setup.

Target audience:

  • DevOps engineers
  • Linux system administrators
  • Systems design engineers
  • Architects


  • Participants must have a basic knowledge of Docker that includes:
    • Interacting with Docker containers from the command line (start and stop containers, attach, exec, etc.)
    • Working with Docker bridge networks and volumes
    • Creating Docker images (Dockerfiles)
  • Recommended training: Docker Basics


Module 1: Building a secure Docker Swarm

  • What is Docker Swarm?
  • Docker Secure Swarm Cluster
  • Docker Modes
  • Creating a Swarm Cluster
  • Deleting the Swarm
  • Orchestration
  • Service Types
  • Creating, updating, inspecting and deleting a Service

              Hands-on Lab: The Lab Environment

              Hands-on Lab: Initializing, extending and putting the Docker Swarm to work.

Module 2: Labels and Filters. Working with Secrets

  • What are Labels?
  • Keys and Values
  • Label behavior
  • Filtering Images, Containers and other Objects

              Hands- on Lab: Labels and Filters

Module 3: Network types. Network services. Load balancing

  • Docker Networking
  • Swarm Networking
  • Mapping Ports in Swarm
  • Customizing the Ingress Network

              Hands-on Lab: Networking

Module 4: Compose Files & Docker Stack

  • Docker Compose vs. Docker Stack
  • Installing Docker Compose
  • Supported Compose Commands
  • Environment Variables
  • Docker Stack
  • Inspecting the Stack Deployment
  • Updating a Running Stack

              Hands-on Lab: Compose-files, Docker Stack

Module 5: Advanced Node Management. Constraining container resources. Availability

  • Container Resource Restriction
  • Swarm - Service Resource Constraints
  • Swarm Service Placement Preference
  • Auto-Restarting Containers
  • Swarm Auto-Restart
  • Service Rolling Updates
  • Service Rollback
  • Health Check

Module 6: Monitoring and Logging. Collecting Metrics. InfluxDB/Grafana and Prometheus

  • Logging Plugins
  • Simple Monitoring
  • Docker Events
  • Prometheus – Monitoring the Docker Daemon
  • Configuring Prometheus – Docker Engine
  • Prometheus – Runtime Metrics, App Metrics
  • Running Grafana
  • Grafana – Prometheus Configuration
  • Configuring Grafana

              Hands-on Lab: Configuring Prometheus and Grafana for Monitoring your Swarm

Module 5: Docker Security

  • Container Security
  • Network Encryption
  • Swarm Security
  • Secrets
  • Securing the Docker Socket
  • Docker Bench for Security

              Hands-on Lab: Limits, Security

Module 8: Advanced Docker Image Creation. Multi-stage Builds. Automated Builds

  • Private Registries
  • Containerized Private Registry
  • Multi-Stage Builds
  • Docker Content Trust
  • Signing Images
  • Github – Triggered Builds

              Hands-on Lab: Image Management


Additional details:

To attend this course, you need to have:

  • PC/Laptop with internet access
  • Updated web browser

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