DevOps Security Fundamentals – 1 Day


DevOps enables rapid application development while security teams follow a traditional way of performing security checks. If security is not adequately automated then it leads to increased security violations and hacking/phishing attacks. Integrating security in the DevOps cicle helps fix flaws earlier in the development process.

DevOps Security Fundamentals starts by introducing DevOps practices, principles, and tools. We will examine how DevOps works, how work is done in DevOps, and the importance of culture, collaboration, and automation.

We'll then look at Continuous Delivery, which is the DevOps automation engine. We'll explore how to build up a Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment pipeline, including how to fold or wire the DevSecOps security controls into the Continuous Delivery pipeline, and how to automate security checks and tests in Continuous Delivery.


Target audience:

  • DevOps engineers
  • Linux system administrators
  • Systems design engineers
  • Architects


  • strong grasp of container basics (recommended training: Docker Basic)
  • working knowledge of automated builds and CI/CD pipelines (recommended training: Jenkins Basics)
  • A basic understanding of application security, common attacks, and vulnerabilities



Module 01: Introduction to DevOps

Module 02: Working in DevOps

Module 03: Security Challenges in DevOps

Module 04: Secure Continuous Delivery

Module 05: Security in Pre-Commit

Module 06: Security in Commit

Module 07: Security in Acceptance




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